Resting Still

Clare is spending her first hour in a chair, next to her bed. She’s coping well, but not eating much, as can be expected. Now she naps.

The outpouring of love and support for Clare, and us all, is heartening. We do feel your well wishes and caring. It does make a difference! So, thank you all and have a fun Halloween!


Clare spent the evening trying to get comfortable and settled after the day’s stress. What a thing to put a body through! But when I left at 10:30, she was finding a balance in the medications and heat pads and…everything. I think she wasn’t long for being awake, once her stomach settled down. She’s grateful for all the well-wishes I read to her. And thank you to Andrea and Jenn and Guy for keeping vigil in the waiting room while family rotated and rested.
Tonight, (all night) good friend Lisa Landry is close by and comforting our Clare. She’s a wonderful oncology nurse in her own right. Thanks Lisa! And good night to a good day! Thanks everyone!


Surgeries Complete!

Dr Boutros has told us all the procedures have been completed! Clare will go to ICU to begin recovery. We will first visit her in maybe two hours (7pm, Eastern), to give her time waking up from a full day of surgery and general anesthesia. She’s been run-over by a very Good ‘truck’, but a truck nonetheless.

The outpouring of love and support for Clare and family (and blessedly skilled Piedmont Hospital staff) has helped greatly, I’m sure of it. Prayer and beloved intentions work wonders. Now, on to healing.

Endless Thanks,

Mastectomy Complete! More to go.

Dr Bill Barber has informed me that Clare’s double mastectomy is now completed; she is doing very well.

Clare is now facing a few more hours of reconstructive surgery to rebuild her breasts, using her own tissues; much of it from her abdomen. She did not want implants.

For procedure details:
DIEP Flap – › types › autologous

So, maybe 5+ more hours ‘on the table’ for Clare.

Checked In (by Jay)

I just left Clare in the pre-op area. She is in good spirits, and thoroughly enjoying a ‘bear hug’ blanket: an inflatable comforter filled with warm air. After last night’s (family) meeting with her reconstruction surgeons (Drs Boutros, Ma and Webb) we are even more assured of her safety and recovery.
Surgeries will begin around 8AM and may continue for 9 hours. The mastectomy (Dr Barber) and reconstruction surgeons begin at the same time.

Jay Schexnyder

I Am Full of Wonder (10/28/15)

I’ve been attending yoga classes at my favorite workout place, FitWit, over the past several months. Our instructor, Valentina,​ has the world’s best playlist to accompany her yoga classes. Every once in a while, she plays this song “Wonder” by Emeli Sande.

The lyrics strike me to the core:

“I can beat the night, I’m not afraid of thunder
I am full of light, I am full of wonder.

Whoa, oh I ain’t falling under
Whoa, oh I am full of wonder

Though our feet might ache, the world’s upon our shoulders
No way we goin’ break, ’cause we are full of wonder

Whoa, oh we ain’t falling under
Whoa, oh we are full of wonder

This light is contagious, go, go tell your neighbors
Just reach out and pass it on, ooh yeah”


I liked the song before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, but now, it’s my personal theme song. Every time I hear it, I get stronger.

For me, the song speaks to me sharing my story.  I’ve had sooooo many notes, texts, emails and phone calls of support and love because I decided to share what I’m going through.

Sharing my light has made me stronger. Every note, every hug, every kindness has helped. I feel every prayer and good vibe sent my way. It’s incredibly powerful.

If I hadn’t shared my story, I might have missed out on all this amazing support and energy. Thanks to each of you for that.

WE are full of light! WE are full of wonder!

This light is contagious, go, go tell your neighbors
Just reach out and pass it on!


My surgery is Friday, October 30th at 7:30am. It will last for 8-10 hours. Jay​ will post updates here and on my new blog:

In the blog sidebar, you can sign up for updates via email too. Thanks to Nancy​ with Dabbled Studios​ for setting up my nifty blog. I have the most talented and wonderful friends!!

Girl Tribe (10/25/15)

girl tribe

I’m pretty sure I’m the luckiest girl on the planet tonight. I thought I was meeting a few girlfriends for dinner. Turns out 15 dear friends had planned a special evening. Each presented me with a bead they had carefully chosen. With it came a story of what it represented about our relationship, the healing properties of the stone, where it came from and why they chose it. All the beads will be made into a bracelet I can wear into surgery. An incredibly thoughtful and precious gift I know I will cherish forever. I am absolutely overwhelmed with love and gratitude.


There wound up being enough beads/stones to create TWO bracelets. I am a profoundly grateful and feel oh so loved.


Epiphany (10/25/15)

beach run savannah 2014

I ran 4 miles this morning with my pack of favorite gals. Last year, we ran the Savannah half marathon together. I was supposed to run this year, but have other plans now. 🙁  I had an epiphany while running today.. I kept looking ahead and feeling tired because some of the girls were out in front of me. Then I’d look down at the ground and focus on my pace and talking to the friend I was running with, and I felt stronger and able to keep going. It’s a profound lesson for me in dealing with cancer: don’t look too far ahead because you can get tired and scared. Focus on where you are NOW and keep moving forward. I think it will be key to my recovery. Love to all my running girls (not all pictured here in this photo from beach run last year).

Also, check out this 2 minute story Piedmont Healthcare did on me and my early detection of breast cancer in my annual mammogram.. a lot of folks said they only saw the 20 second clip. The longer piece was really well done. Click here: to see it.