Checked In (by Jay)

I just left Clare in the pre-op area. She is in good spirits, and thoroughly enjoying a ‘bear hug’ blanket: an inflatable comforter filled with warm air. After last night’s (family) meeting with her reconstruction surgeons (Drs Boutros, Ma and Webb) we are even more assured of her safety and recovery.
Surgeries will begin around 8AM and may continue for 9 hours. The mastectomy (Dr Barber) and reconstruction surgeons begin at the same time.

Jay Schexnyder

4 thoughts on “Checked In (by Jay)”

  1. Awesome to hear! Pass on hugs to Clare for us all. Let me know if you have any trouble getting the blog posting or the feed to facebook to work.. it looks like it’s all working well right now.

  2. Jay – please give Clare a hug for me when she is done! I bet she says some funny things when she’s coming out of surgery. That crazy wife of yours makes me blush and belly laugh simultaneously!!!!

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