Epiphany (10/25/15)

beach run savannah 2014

I ran 4 miles this morning with my pack of favorite gals. Last year, we ran the Savannah half marathon together. I was supposed to run this year, but have other plans now. 🙁  I had an epiphany while running today.. I kept looking ahead and feeling tired because some of the girls were out in front of me. Then I’d look down at the ground and focus on my pace and talking to the friend I was running with, and I felt stronger and able to keep going. It’s a profound lesson for me in dealing with cancer: don’t look too far ahead because you can get tired and scared. Focus on where you are NOW and keep moving forward. I think it will be key to my recovery. Love to all my running girls (not all pictured here in this photo from beach run last year).

Also, check out this 2 minute story Piedmont Healthcare did on me and my early detection of breast cancer in my annual mammogram.. a lot of folks said they only saw the 20 second clip. The longer piece was really well done. Click here: http://bit.ly/1hUt9cF to see it.