Even MORE Good News! No Chemo!

2nd walk

Whoo hoo! More good news! Got a call from my doctor yesterday. They said my Oncotype DX test came back on my tumor and I got a low score (11).  The test (that has a pretty good track record) looks for the possibility of recurrence and whether chemo will reduce that risk even further. My low score means NO CHEMO NEEDED!

I am so thankful that I can continue on with my healing. This was a massive surgery and today marks week 2 in recovery. I’m getting better and stronger every day. My stitches are healing beautifully. I’m standing up straighter. I even slept in my own bed last night!  My two remaining drains come out Monday, and then I can start cutting back on pain meds. My sister, otherwise known as the best nurse on the planet, goes home Monday, and the recliner goes back to the rental place. That will be a big day in starting my new normal.

I still wear out pretty easily, and am in bed by 8:30pm every night..and I’m still pretty sore…  but otherwise, I’m still the same old Clare (maybe a little more loopy, but my family finds it entertaining for now! ha!)

Here’s to no chemo and more healing. Best belated birthday gift ever!


48th Birthday Booby Cake
48th Birthday Booby Cake
Limerick from Dad for my 48th Birthday

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  1. What great news Clare! Continued prayers of thanks. I sent your birthday message to Sofi by mistake. Sorry about that! Happy belated birthday and thanks for sharing the great news! Love to all! Mary Ann 💞💖💞

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