Excellent News! Only One!

cancer free

Just got a call from the doctor. The pathology is back on my lymph nodes that were removed in surgery. We were told that the sentinel node tested positive for cancer and because of that, they removed all the remaining nodes in the right arm.

We decided not to tell anyone until we had the pathology back, but got GREAT news today we’re excited to share.

They removed 30 lymph nodes from my right arm and ONLY the sentinel node tested positive for cancer!! It was a small spread too, only 9mm.

The breast tumor at its largest point was 3.9 cm, and is Stage 2B.

When they extracted the tumor, all the surrounding tissue was cancer free. Good healthy margins!!

That means NO RADIATION!!

My tumor will now go off for an Oncotype DX test. This test looks at 21 genes in the tumor that are specific to my cancer and how well each would respond to chemo to prevent recurrence.

There’s a very good chance I may not have to do any chemo at all. That’s what we’re praying for. But even if I have to do chemo, my cancer is totally curable. That’s a quote from my doctor that I’m hanging onto fiercely.  So incredibly happy and relieved. I wanted to share the good news with my village as soon as I could. Your constant flow of love and support has been epic and oh so appreciated.

Love you all!

I can. I will. I’m strong. I’m positive.




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  1. Your news is wonderful — It is such a relief to get the good results of those tests. Thank you for that great report.

  2. I’m so happy news is looking positive. You are an inspiration!!! I admire you and love you!!! Praying for your family! 😄❤️

    1. Steve and I are so happy to read the good news, Clare! Our prayers and best wishes are with all of you as the journey continues.

  3. Fan-flipping-TASTIC. Wonderful news. So happy to hear this. And very happy to see such a genuine smile on your face. Your attitude through this trial has been 100% Clare: strong. positive. open. generous. It’s been inspiring to see so many messages of love and encouragement from all who know you. You bring out the best in people, darling Clare, and I hope that the good vibes that have been flowing your way have helped to buoy you. Feel the love – it surrounds you. xoxox

  4. Great news Clare! So happy for you! You look fabulous! Admire your positive attitude and the courage you are giving to others! 💞💖💞

  5. Wonderful!
    I’m so glad your doctor had such positive news to share…but mostly I’m so happy to see you looking so radiant in your picture! You really are an inspiration – your strength through this has been a real lesson. Wish I could be there, but know I’m supporting and loving you from afar.
    Keep going girl!

  6. That is awesome news… Thankful and blessed for you and your family. You look awesome in the pic. Keep that positive spirit and vibe going. And I LOVE your slogan. Will keep praying for more good news on the chemo and your recovery. Love ya and thanks for sharing.

  7. That is the best news I’ve heard all day! Thank you for sharing.. Love the pic. .you look awesome and the look in your eyes shows relief.. And thankful. Keep staying strong during your recovery… And absolutely love your slogan.. You are strong, always have been. Love you girl…. And will continue prayers for your recovery and for more good news on chemo test. So positive to hear what they can do now with test. And knowing it’s curable is so incredibly amazing.
    Hang in there…love ya Traci

  8. Clare, you radiate joy and bring so much positive energy to others through the way you have approached and are working through this whole experience! You will continue to have such compassion for others facing life challenges and will inspire and uplift them on their journey. I truly believe we experience things for a reason and grow stronger through each challenge. Keep expecting good and it will come to you!!! Onward!

  9. That’s our girl! Killing cancer right and left! No radiation is amazing! Now I vote for no chemo and let’s call this one a day! 🙂 I know you know this now…but there is so much that is amazing on this unexpected journey. People are more amazing. Friendships are more amazing. Love is more amazing. Life is more amazing! Take it all in! Love you! Stacia

  10. So glad to hear your pathology results are so good! You look great and I’m so inspired by you. Love to Jay and Sofi and you!

  11. Best news tonight!!! That is truly amazing- not surprised at all. You told this cancer how it was going to go down from the beginning and have lived it every minute of every day!
    So happy for you and even more so for your family and friends!

  12. Glad to hear this news! There have been so many scientific advances in our lifetime– this disease is not what we knew it as kids. Really glad you don’t need radiation!

  13. Clare, such wonderful news!!!
    So, so, so glad to learn this.
    You are a tough girl!!!!
    Know you are loved by many and prayers will continue for your unhindered, complete recovery.

  14. I’m not surprised at all. You’ve had this thing beat down from the get-go. So happy for this great news!!

  15. Clare, my heart is full of gratitude for this exciting news! God is good and you are strong!!
    Praying your recovery continues to be full of miracles:))

  16. Yippee! Such great news and so lovely to see your smiling face. You are one amazing lady, cuz. We love you so much and are praying for no chemo.

  17. Woo Hoo! That is all great news, Clare. We’ve been thinking about you all week. You are kicking this horrible thing! Your strength, fitness, positive spirits, and amazing support system are going to get you through. You are wonder woman. Rest up and recover.
    Much love to you and yours, Michele

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