Feel Like a Whole New Person!

Hi all,
I’m headed home from the hospital in a few minutes. The surgery went great, and I am flying through recovery. I had a couple days of nausea at the beginning. Those days were rough. Turns out I don’t tolerate pain meds very well. But now I get an anti-nausea medicine every time I take a pain pill, and that seems to have done the trick in making me feel good enough to eat, drink and walk around the hospital. A huge thank you for all your prayers, the rides and meals my family has enjoyed, and the love you’ve given to all of us. It all has been amazing.

My doctors were such and incredible team. Dr. Barber, Dr. Boutros, Dr. Ma and Dr. Webb worked together carefully and thoughtfully to make sure every detail was accounted for. More importantly, each docter was extremely personal, caring and loving to me and my family. I can’t express what a difference that makes! Piedmont Hospital gave me stellar care. Their nursing staff are so gentle and kind.

A huge shout out to dear friend Lisa Landry who is an oncology nurse. She took the first night shift which I’m pretty sure is the worst shift ever because I was so nauseated that first day. She was instrumental in identifying I wasn’t doing well on pain meds.. And needed more anti-nausea meds and Xanax as well. I just couldn’t turn my brain off.

Hubby Jay has been with me almost the entire time. I think I’ve used up all my foot rubs and back scratch coupons for the next 20 years. He was tireless and oh so loving.

Mom and Dad have truly babied me, spoonfeeding me jello and brushing my hair. I’ve gotten to hear lots of stories on what I was like when I was a baby. Pretty neat!

Sister Hayley has arrived and is in full nurse mode. She’s competent and funny as hell. I know these next two weeks will go swimmingly now that she’s here.

Sofi came to visit and showered me in love and compliments: “you look beautiful, Mom.” She updated me on all the Halloween excitement I missed!

This was my Halloween costume for 2015, compliments of
My cousin Suzie Ditto and Kolb clan. Wish I could have trick-or-treated in it. Instead, I got to freak out the nurses and make them laugh.

I’m so glad to be on the other side of this surgery. Will keep you updated as things go.


21 thoughts on “Feel Like a Whole New Person!”

  1. This note is so you! Positive and upbeat and your costume rocks!! Can’t wait to see you!!
    Sending you our love and well wishes-
    The Klopper’s

  2. Love the big baby face! We’ve been thinking about you and sending healing thoughts. Take full advantage of all the support coming your way and don’t overdo things 🙂

  3. So thankful that you are headed home. I know being in your on bed and environment is much better. You were blessed by everyone around you and from afar. Now it’s time to Stay strong and work thru this healing process. Take care and God bless you and all your family. Love you dearly from the Mtns of NC.

  4. Dear Clare!!! It’s such a thrill to read your message and know that you are doing well enough to GO HOME! Keep on getting better and better. We love ya, Your Arizona Cousins

  5. Your determined recovery and upbeat attitude are amazing. Thank you for sharing your journey. Sounds like you’ve got a great team surrounding you.

  6. So glad you are home with your loving family. Proud of you Clare for sticking to your goals and showing this cancer whose boss. I’m sure you made quite an impression on the staff at Piedmont and they’ll be talking about the “determined patient” for a long time. Thanks for letting me come stay that first night. You are truly amazing & we love you!

  7. Clare, your amazing, positive attitude and honesty while sharing your journey through this challenge is an inspiration to us all! Keep looking for the silver linings! Much love xxx

  8. Yay:) So glad you are at home I know you will rest much better in your own bed. No place like home.


  9. Clare, my dear, this is for much later, but you should write a book, or at least a column about this experience. So many women could benefit hearing how you prepped for this, how you dealt with the surgery and how you are healing. Sending much love.

  10. Glad to hear your home and have your family all around you — what a blessing! Thinking of you daily and sending healing thoughts! XO, Erin

  11. I am so thankful to hear you are on the “other side” and progressing well! I look forward to logging in to read your updates, thank you for doing this. Your Northside “family” is here and thinking of you and happy to help in any way. Healing thoughts your way, Clare. Sharon

  12. Oh so proud of you lady…you are an inspiration to all who know you. Keep up the great recovery progress and I’ll keep the prayers coming your way! XOXO

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