I Feel Fine (10/16/15)

clare porch 2

I feel fine!!

So strange to have a breast cancer diagnosis and major surgery coming up but to feel great physically. Now, granted, I’m a stress ball because of the news, but physically feel great.. am still running, working out, being as active as I can be to stay in great shape so HOPEFULLY I’ll have a speedy recovery.

Just another lesson in early detection with my annual mammogram. I would NEVER have known that I had a stage 2 breast cancer tumor if my mammogram hadn’t picked it up. I didn’t feel it, and I didn’t feel sick.

I’m so thankful that I can deal with it and have a good prognosis NOW and didn’t wind up finding out when it was too late and I was actually feeling sick.

Headed out on a camping trip in Cloudland Canyon State Park with lots of good friends. Should be great weather and a wonderful weekend of hiking and family time. Here’s to many, many more fabulous weekends in the future.. and of feeling fine!!