Mastectomy Complete! More to go.

Dr Bill Barber has informed me that Clare’s double mastectomy is now completed; she is doing very well.

Clare is now facing a few more hours of reconstructive surgery to rebuild her breasts, using her own tissues; much of it from her abdomen. She did not want implants.

For procedure details:
DIEP Flap – › types › autologous

So, maybe 5+ more hours ‘on the table’ for Clare.

12 thoughts on “Mastectomy Complete! More to go.”

  1. Thanks for the update. Glad the mass is gone. Now for the creative hands of reconstruction. Heartfelt prayers upon you all.

    1. Been shouting across the street over the dogs ( you know the routine) to get up dates….your daughter was in a happy , twirling maze of trick or treaters last night. We are all connected to you my dear.

  2. Still thinking of you!! What a marathon surgery. I’m happy it’s all getting done at the same time though. It sounds like all is going well and you have some amazing surgeons.

  3. Jay, I am praying for Clare and the doctors who are caring for her. Thank you for sharing her progress.

  4. Great news – part 1 done… Now part 2.
    Jay – how are you and Clare’s parents holding up?
    Big hug!

  5. So grateful that she has made it through the first part and thinking of her as she enters the second phase. Keeping my thoughts on her and you all supporting her and by her side.

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