Moving Experience

Clare took a walk around the perimeter of the Intensive Care Unit this afternoon! The staff are ‘not used to seeing this kind of behavior in the ICU’. Moving got her blood and spirits up for the best evening yet. She was actually considering another walk this evening, but maybe keeping the lights low and stomach settled will let her slip into more rest. No need to push it.

But going into this surgery, she was in very good shape from regular exercise, four days a week. She could do a six minute plank! ( I’m lucky to do a minute and a half.)

So the lights are low and she rests. Your prayers and best wishes surround her. She knows they do.

Jay Schexnyder

14 thoughts on “Moving Experience”

  1. 6-minute plank?!!! I knew Clare is a superwoman but thanks for the extra measure of proof. She’ll be back to her fitness routine in no time. We’re thinking of all of you.

  2. I knew Clare would become the rock star of the ICU – go girl! If she keeps this up she may get bumped up to a regular room or sent home.
    Her progress sounds terrific.

  3. Excellent news Jay! Thanks for keeping us posted! You’re amazing Clare, as always! You can, you will, you are strong, you are positive…and you are an inspiration!!
    Love you

  4. Fantastic news! She’s sure to show the ICU staff what it looks like to be a fighter. Love is surrounding you.

  5. How wonderful to hear how well she is doing. Her courage and pluck will go so far in her healing. Add to that all our prayers and well wishes, and ….. miracles do happen.

  6. A plank? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Which means she is way ahead of the game. Maybe I can work out with her in rehab. Obviously she puts us all to shame.

  7. Keep going, Clare! You never cease to amaze. You are my inspiration. I’m adopting your mantra. I can. I will. I’m positive. I’m strong.

  8. Thanks for keeping us informed. Sounds like she is doing amazingly well. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. She will need you strong and well when she goes home!
    Many prayers

  9. All the best to Clare, you and the rest of the family. Glad to hear she is making good progress. Big hug from Doha

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