My Amazing Kid (10/21/15)

sofi blue hair

Sofi has truly been my rock throughout this experience. She was the first person I told I definitely had breast cancer. We’d already discussed I thought my lump was trouble, and that it was going to have to come out and may be cancerous.

Jay was out of town on a trip when my doctor called in the late evening to tell me the news. I climbed the stairs in the dark and found Sofi in her room. “It’s cancer,” I said, “the doctor just called. I’ll find out more in the morning when I meet with the breast surgeon.”

Sofi looked me in the eye and said: “OK. We know what it is. We’ll get it out, and you’ll be OK. My friend’s Mom had breast cancer. She had a lump. She had a lumpectomy and radiation and got it out. She’s doing great. You will be OK too.” She even went on to give me her friend’s Mom’s phone number.. telling me she wanted to talk to me. AND she asked me if I knew it was Breast Cancer Awareness month in October!

She set the tone for how I’ve dealt with this. Positive. Looking forward. We’ll deal with it. I’ll be OK.

One more thing: while I was cleaning house one weekend, I wrote my mantra on the blackboard in our kitchen: “I can. I will. I’m positive. I’m strong.”

Sofi came home from a sleepover and walked into the kitchen. She took one look at the blackboard and sat down and wrote next to my mantra: “WE can. WE will. WE’RE positive. WE’RE strong.”


I have the most incredibly supportive kid. She BELIEVES I’m going to be OK! I know I will be OK because SHE believes it. There are dozens of other stories of her quiet strength and support and wisdom. I’m blessed to have this old soul in my life.