Clare spent the evening trying to get comfortable and settled after the day’s stress. What a thing to put a body through! But when I left at 10:30, she was finding a balance in the medications and heat pads and…everything. I think she wasn’t long for being awake, once her stomach settled down. She’s grateful for all the well-wishes I read to her. And thank you to Andrea and Jenn and Guy for keeping vigil in the waiting room while family rotated and rested.
Tonight, (all night) good friend Lisa Landry is close by and comforting our Clare. She’s a wonderful oncology nurse in her own right. Thanks Lisa! And good night to a good day! Thanks everyone!


12 thoughts on “Resting”

  1. So thankful for the good news. You guys have been on my mind and in my prayers all day! I have no doubt that my strong and amazing cousin will be back to her busy self before we know it. Love you guys!!

  2. We are so grateful for the successful surgery and Claire’s recovery so far. You guys have been in our prayers from the beginning and will stay there until this is just a memory! Keep fighting Claire, and Buster, you take care of yourself too! much love!

  3. Clare,

    We are following your strength and recovery up here in Boston and thinking of you during this difficult chapter. We are sending lots of good energy and positive thoughts your way. You’ve always been so strong, I know that will serve you well now.

    In our thoughts,
    Anne Adams

  4. We are so relieved to read all these wonderful reports. Thanks, Jay, for keeping them going. Kick butt today Clare as you sit patiently with you body as it readjusts. Sending you lots of love and warm vibes as you take on today.

  5. I so hope Clare managed to get some rest last night and that today unfolds as well as possible. Thanks, again, Jay, for keeping us informed! It means a great deal.

  6. Here’s to hoping Clare is more comfortable today – the first few hours after surgery are no fun. It gets better from here, with every hour and each day. I’m sending healing energy in big doses!

  7. Hope you get more rest Clare!
    Been thinking of you since yesterday morning.
    Jay, do you need anything? Any back-up at hospital tomorrow?
    Big hugs to all of you!

  8. Hey, Clare, honey. Know you feel crappy right now. The clicker is your friend. smile emoticon Get some rest and I’ll see you when you’re up to it. XOXO Love you, tough chick!

  9. Hard to get comfortable for now but, this too shall pass. Hope you’re able to get some rest. Love you lots!

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