Surgeries Complete!

Dr Boutros has told us all the procedures have been completed! Clare will go to ICU to begin recovery. We will first visit her in maybe two hours (7pm, Eastern), to give her time waking up from a full day of surgery and general anesthesia. She’s been run-over by a very Good ‘truck’, but a truck nonetheless.

The outpouring of love and support for Clare and family (and blessedly skilled Piedmont Hospital staff) has helped greatly, I’m sure of it. Prayer and beloved intentions work wonders. Now, on to healing.

Endless Thanks,

13 thoughts on “Surgeries Complete!”

  1. The battle is over; all uphill now and knowing the will, attitude and determination of amazing Clare, she’ll be up and running very soon. Continued love and prayers for all of you! 💋 Ca good-bye!

  2. Breathing a (collective) sigh the surgeries are complete; now the healing begins. Our love and support are more important than ever – so glad to be a part of Team Clare and Team Schexnyder!!

  3. Great news. Please let her know I’m praying for her healing and love her. Hope you all get some rest now that the surgery is complete. Praying for a speedy recovery.

  4. Glad the surgery is behind her and healing can begin! Prayers go out for all of you!
    Mary Lee Eaton

  5. Good news! I know she is greatly comforted by having you and family with her. Continued prayers for healing and strength for all you guys.

    Love you!

  6. Sweet Jay…thanks for keeping all of who care so much about Clare informed. With great affection to you two and Sophia!

  7. Great news! Please give Clare and Sofi a hug from me and you take care of yourself! Love to all!!


  8. Glad to hear the surgery is over. I just got out of Piedmont the other day and the staff on 2 North (where she will likely go post ICU) is wonderful. They’ll take great care of her.

  9. Great news… hope things continue to go well.
    Clare, get well real soon … Jay hang in there.. big hug to you and Sofi!

  10. Dear lady, you just went through a process that scares the crap out of every woman I know – including me. Get your strength back, do whatever it takes to make yourself feel good, and then get on with your wonderful life. It promises to be a long one.

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