Up and Around (a bit)

Clare had a better rest last night. Getting her meds balanced early, and after her maiden long walk, she was sleeping deeply for 2 1/2 hours. Then, more intermittent good rest throughout the night. She’s just had another walk this AM, and is now in her new (non-ICU) room!
The ICU staff had never seen a Dr Ma patient walk around the unit as Clare has. We may have to slow her down.

9 thoughts on “Up and Around (a bit)”

  1. Jay, thank you for all of the updates. We are sending tons of love and light to you, Clare, and Sophie! Also, you let Clare know that the nurses may be surprised by her, but we aren’t. Go, Clare, go!

  2. Glad to hear she is out of ICU. Not surprised she is up & around. That is our Clare!!! Love from the Landrys💗

  3. Sending you all the well wishes and love from NSH!!! I think it is so awesome to follow you thru this time in your life and to be able to let you know we are thinking of you :).

  4. Jay, Our thoughts and prayers are with You, Clare and Sofi! So happy Clare is doing so well. I have not met Clare or Sofi and have not seen you in years but you and your beautiful wife and precious daughter are certainly an inspiration to all who are following Clare’s diagnosis, operation and recovery. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

    I am your 1st cousin once removed, Robert Chauvin’s daughter.

    Mary Ann

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