Walking and Talking (10/14/15)

Friend Nathan Walker shared this post:

nathan and clare

Today was every bit as beautiful as yesterday, and so I went back for an encore walk around Stone Mountain! But on this day I had a walking buddy, and more importantly, a TALKING buddy, which beats music on earphones any day!

Clare Schexnyder was a news producer back when we both worked at CNN. Eventually she left television to become founder, CEO and co-owner of her own successful business, called “Oh Baby! Fitness.”

Anyone who knows Clare will tell you she’s an amazing person. She has great passion, and compassion, for the things she believes in. Our 5-mile walk today gave us plenty of time to talk about life and our own personal challenges, and as far as that latter category is concerned, there’s no question she’s got me beat.

In recent weeks Clare was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two weeks from Friday she’ll be undergoing a double mastectomy. The good news is that the cancer was detected early, and that she is estrogen positive (meaning she won’t have to undergo chemo prior to her surgery). Even more important is the fact she has plenty of amazing friends and family who will be there to support her every step of the way, including her husband Jay and their amazing daughter Sofi.

I listened and learned a lot about doctors and procedures and treatments. And I marveled at Clare’s level-headed ability to detail the weeks between her diagnosis and right now, including some of the decision-making, emotions, and conversations that have taken place. It was almost impossible to detect any self-pity in her voice as she talked.

Clare also listened to ME talk, offering both encouragement and advice about a couple of things that have been weighing on me of late. And then, as we were finishing our walk around the mountain, she actually had the nerve to thank ME for spending time with HER!

I’ll tell you what, walking/exercise sure is easier when you have good company. And life sure is better when you know amazing & inspiring people like Clare!